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Beond Conflickt-Mohammed Yahia

Price : £9.99

Beyond Conflict- Mohammed Yahya Latest album from acclaimed Spoken Word poet and Islamic Hip-hop star Mohammed Yahya.

Track listing:

1. A World Full of Sin- Exclusive Jnr Sas Remix
2. This is why I`m Cold- Feat. Arabingi (Formerly U.K Apache) Produced by Vegar
3. I Don`t Wanna See- Feat. Mr. Drastick, Reain & Selina Campbell
4. Nefarious- Feat. Sabrina Roberts (Produced by T.E.1)
5. Hammer- Feat. Sean Price and Iron Braydz
6. Free Al Aqsa - Produced by Chemo
7. Things About to Change - Feat. Masikah
8. Concrete Lands - Feat. Kyza & Iron Braydz
9. Under the Full Moon - Feat. Poetic Pilgrimage & Masikah (Produced by Spitz)
10. Mohammed Yahya - (Produced by J-Zak)
11. Hopeful - Feat. M1 (Dead Prez) & Iron Braydz / Produced by Jnr Sas
12. Half My Deen - Feat. Masikah (Produced by T.E.1)
13. W.O.M.B - Feat. Danny Silver
14. Don`t Look Back - Spitz and Purple Produced by Faith SFX)

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