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Palestine The Album

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"Palestine the album" was a initiative taken by "7 century Record"
        As part of its 'Artist Outreach Programme' a scheme that invites established and upcoming artists to produce conscious and topical project albums on issues affecting the Muslim
        world, the label has managed to gather some of the top UK hip hop and spoken word poetry talents to be the voice of the Palestinians and their plight.
    Palestine the album was made for provoking thought, inspiring actions it is about reflecting and deliberating. It is as much a lament as it is a celebration of the courage, determination and defiance of a nation. This will not be music to dance to, this will be music to pump your fist and shout takbeers to.
        The aims of this project are to utilize the above mediums to achieve the following:
1.To raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Palestine over the last few decades
2. To raise money for charities working with the orphans from the recent crisis
in the region as well as providing medical aid and food relief.
3.To support the God given right of Palestinians to liberty.
4.To expose Zionist aggression and state sponsored Israeli terrorism.
5.To expose the media bias.
6.To expose the bias of the international community.
7.To expose the treachery of the rulers
8.To provide the youth with a channel to express their frustrations through non-violent political activity and campaigning.
9.To promote the concept that Muslim music should be a form of political expression and activism as well as entertainment.

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